Cascading Lights Video

Monday, 18 October, 2010

This is a video of the Cascading lights in action, at the Hudson Gardens in Littleton Colorado. These LED lights are amazing and are one of the biggest draws at this huge attraction. At the Gardens, you will see thousands of examples of our LED Christmas lights in action. Just click on the link below.

Cascading Lights

Careful Cree!

Saturday, 16 October, 2010

The highest quality LED lighting manufacturer may be walking on a slippery slope. The North Carolina company, Cree has bought Cotco, a leading supplier of LEDs in China. Supposedly this  will provide Cree with strategic access to the solid-state lighting market. It also will provide Cree with a low-cost manufacturing platform and will help Cree to leverage its expertise in LED chips and intellectual property. But this may undercut their reputation as a the Gold standard in LED quality. The LED world has long looked to Cree to produce the finest LEDs to counterbalance the poor products pouring out of China. The obvious fear is that Cree will sell junk but under the fine Cree name. Let us hope that doesn’t occur.

A Merry Christmas On Wall Street

Thursday, 14 October, 2010

The Christmas tree on Wall Street in downtown Manhattan. This is actually a huge tree lit up with our G12 LED Christmas lights. The Wall Street Bull looks small in comparison, I only come up tothe level of it’s eyes.

Loveland in White and Blue

Monday, 11 October, 2010

Last year Loveland, Colorado was a big hit, sporting their C6 Pure White LED Christmas lights. They accented these with the C6 Sapphire Blue which was a great combination of lights. These two were so popular because of the Loveland display that many stores ran out nationwide! Do not worry for this year since we doubled our order.

LED Prices to Remain Even.

Sunday, 10 October, 2010

Sources in the LED manufacturing business say the price of individual LEDs will remain fairly consistent for the next few years. Normally new technology will start off expensive but gradually decline in price due to certain factors. With LEDs, the prices are pushed downwards by greater acceptance in the buying community leading to increase demand. It is also getting over the initial growing pains that all new technologies encounter and is producing LEDs with greater efficiency.

However there are factors pushing the price of LEDs up as well. LED prices are being effected by increases in wage prices in China. There are also great price increases in some of the components that make up LEDs, chief among them is copper and rare earth metals. Due to mining restrictions in the U.S., China is the chief supplier of these and using it’s near monopoly to increase prices.

These competing factors are acting to keep the prices fairly constant. This however may lead to a decrease in demand since one of the greatest complaints concerning LEDs is price. It is a common question to hear “When do you think prices will drop?” Many companies have made experimental purchase and now will only follow that up when prices decline.

These New Pure white LEDs are Guaranteed to Stop Traffic

Friday, 8 October, 2010

Our C6 LED string lights are a great way to make a change from the “usual”. These pure white LED lights are quickly becoming one of our most popular items due perhaps to the magical look they achieve.

Halloween, Not Just About Death, There Is Candy Too!

Wednesday, 6 October, 2010

“You are far too pessimistic.” A friend says to me.

“I am a realist with pessimistic tendencies,” I reply.

“No you are a depressed pessimist with psychotic tendencies, which means you have a negative view of the world and yourself and you scare me sometimes.” He stoops and picks up a leaf. “To me this is a pretty orange and gold leaf. This reminds me that it is autumn and the holidays are coming up. What do you see?”

“I see you holding a dead thing, in fact a fine symbol of death.”

“It is meant to die. To a tree this is like losing a fingernail, you wouldn’t  mourn the loss of a fingernail.”

“It is the tree’s only outward expression of it being alive,” I tell him. “From a certain perspective, the leaf, is the only difference between a live tree and a dead one. Without leaves, a tree is either dead or in state so closely resembling death that you would have to cut it open to tell which.”

“I suppose so.” he says,” You seem a little fixated on death today are you feeling alright?”

“I am fine, you just mentioned the holidays and it made me think of our celebrations of death.”

“Ok, I will bite,” he said. “Where does death fit into any of our celebrations?”

“You can see death all around us, in fact, death gives texture to our lives. Consider it similar to how  an artist will use shading to bring out the colors in a picture. It does not take much to see how death figures in many of our holidays. Presidents Day for instance, we only really honor dead presidents, we don’t celebrate the living ones. These we ridicule at best and at worst we heap scorn and hatred upon them. As a nation we haven’t really liked a sitting president since JFK and he died before we could start properly hating him.”

Twirling the leaf in his hand with a grin on his face, he asks “Well, tell me, where is the death in Arbor Day?”

“Arbor Day, easy. I sit at my mahogany desk which rests upon my Cherry hardwood floors, in my pine framed home watching the fireplace roar and thank God we can still kill trees with impunity. Don’t give me that look hypocrite. I have seen your house. I say keep planting these wonderful trees, I need them so I can read my morning paper and blow my nose. We pretend Arbor day is all about how nice and pretty trees are, but really we like them dead and hacked to pieces. Tell me, what is the first thing an Eskimo would do if a giant redwood sprung up next to his igloo?”

“Hang up his laundry?” He smiles and asks “So how about St Patrick’s Day?”

“You mean besides the DUI related deaths?” I ask. “I have heard you use the terms “drink yourself to death ” or “drink yourself to oblivion” to me a couple of times. In a very real sense alcohol is a poison. On St Patty’s Day people purposely ingest very high dosages and the next morning what do they say? I feel like I have been hit by a truck, my mouth taste like death etc.”

Tossing the leaf aside he says, “That’s kinda weak. If you can show me the death in Christmas I will give you ten dollars.”

“Simple. The ONLY reason we celebrate the birth of Christ is because of how and why he died! It is not because of any miracles that he performed. Others, before and after,  performed similar miracles yet they don’t get a big day. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son…”  Jesus, The Lamb Of God, in this case the sacrificial lamb. That will be 10 dollars.”

“Fine Mister Negative . What do you have against New Years?”

“New Years Day and Birthdays are not actually celebrated by too many people after the age of 35. Why? Because we are forced into the realization, by these arbitrary days, that life is slowly draining from you like sand trickling down the wall of the hour glass. Though you may have a party thrown to celebrate your birth, or go to a New Year’s eve party, inside you know it’s one more year slipping away. I know many people who refuse to celebrate either event and proclaim out loud that it is just another day. These same people thought it was fun at 25.”

I pick up the leaf and say “I could go on you know. Easter, too easy, Jesus gets nailed to a cross and gets raised from the dead. Memorial Day, we are suppose to remember those that died in war. Thanksgiving, death to turkeys or Native American culture, take your pick. Valentine’s Day, death to freedom. The best is Halloween. The pageantry and the symbolism, are not very subtle. Yes there are girls dressing up like the latest Disney Heroine and buffoons that think dressing up like a girl is clever. But every other kid carries a sword or gun or battle axe. As a boy you are either a killer or a killer of killers.”

“That is just the children,” I continue, slowly crushing the leaf in my hand. “Adults not only drape their own bodies with the trappings of death but their homes as well. Skeletons, stray eyeballs, a beating heart and other various body parts are only the beginning of the decorations of death. We then ritualistically sacrifice pumpkins, mutilating and disfiguring their bodies with our largest knives just for the fun of it. Having scooped out their guts we commence to make a pie out of their innards. Then we adorn our windows or porches with their corpses.”

“You are far too pessimistic.” A friend says to me a second time.

What Are Those Lights On The Tree?

Monday, 4 October, 2010

A little while ago I published this night picture of Hudson Gardens. It was done to show how to properly place Cascade lights. However I have received many questions on what color lights were on the tree. Some people thought they were obviously blue and some thought white. These are actually our color wave lights in blue to pure white.

Heights, Tights and LED Lights, Ruminations on Fear

Sunday, 3 October, 2010

My boss walks in and says to me, “I want you to write an article for Halloween this year. No giveaways, no gimmicks, just an article. You do remember what a fiasco last year was right?” I smile and nod as I always do when someone thinks I should remember all the things they find important. Well this couldn’t be too hard, writing about our lights is easy. They are bright, beautiful and cheerful, everyone loves them. I just had to somehow link them in peoples’ minds with the most dark and terrifying day of the year. Holy crap I’m being setup!

All I needed to do was concentrate, what do our LEDs have to do with Halloween? Haunted houses, no not really, costumes, no, candy…yes. Everyone loves candy and who turns it down when its free. We will give away candy with our lights, simple enough.

“What did I say!?” my boss asks, her temple vein looking like a garden hose. “Ahh , which time…I ahh” I know that was not very articulate but that vein was starting to get oddly shiny and was going purple. I wished at that point that I had worn a different shirt, maybe the green one. Fifteen minutes later I was finishing my second drink. It turns out I had pitched this same idea last year.  We gave away candy with the lights and people ate the candy AND some people ate part of the lights AND we got sued AND  I had to testify in court. Being sued is scary but what is more scary is memory loss at my age. I told my boss I remembered the part about having to wear a tie and put on underwear. My ability to suppress is what allows me to sleep so well at night.

Probably not the author

You know what I find scary? Whenever I see kids walking by with their pants down past their butts and their boxers hanging out. This makes me afraid for the future of America. Of course when I see anyone over the age of forty wearing skin tight bike shorts I don’t think to highly of present day America either. The thought of that vein “popped” into my mind, I didn’t think the boss would want me to equate underwear and the decline of American society with our LED lights.

Well what scares people? Heights, public speaking- that’s a good one, spiders, having babies, changing their diapers(I just got the chills), teaching them to drive a stick shift, paying for their communications degree! I had to stop and freshen my drink.

Maybe the key to this was to think like a writer, no, an author. I would just channel the dead spirit of Stephen King.” How to start… “It was a stormy night, and dark.” No that didn’t flow. How about “It was a dark and stormy night.” No, I had heard that somewhere else before. Plagiarism is a scary thought, well really, getting sued for plagiarism is a scary thought. Like all moral dilemmas such as the debate between “borrowing” a few ideas from another writer and losing ones job, a man must weigh the chance of getting caught with the benefit that the act will bring you. The bible is full of wisdom such as that. Nuns are scary. Even the singing types in the movies give me the heebie jeebies.

“What is this?” Her whole face was the same purple color as the vein. “Ahh,” was all I could manage before she repeated herself but this time far quieter. “What is this?” I am sure the mouse has this same feeling when staring into the eyes of a python. My mouth had come open at my last utterance but I forgot to close it and now a tiny stream of drool trickled down my chin.

“This isn’t ruminations in fear, this is rambling! How difficult is it to just tell people that our lights are pretty to decorate with? That we have nice orange lights for Halloween!” Her head seemed to be swelling along with that vein. “That their house would look eerie using the purple or green?” I felt the drool but was powerless to wipe it away.  She held me mesmerized like only a vampire or a stripper could.

Looming over me she said “The DEAD line is at 5pm, you have that long to write the Halloween article, I don’t care who you are related to!” Well at least she solved my moral dilemma.

Fantastic Shot Of Aspen In LED String Lights

Sunday, 3 October, 2010

This is just a wonderful picture of scenic Aspen Colorado. Not only is the day time great to ski in but the night time gorgeous as they go all out decorating for the holidays. These lights shown are the C6 Multi LED string light. Thank you to Terry K for getting Aspen to invest in all of these energy efficient lights.