Light Energy Designs Bringing Quality LED Lights

An interesting development has occurred in the LED Holiday lighting business. Long time giant in the industry, Diogen Lighting, after a difficult couple of years, has been bought out by an old rival, Neo- Neon.

This occurrence has sent a ripple of anxiety throughout Diogen’s large base of distributors. The main reason for this is that the quality of LED Christmas Lights produced by Neo-Neon has traditionally not been up to industry standards. Certainly not, up to the standards of many of us who make their living in the world of LED Lights.

One of the largest issues that customers worldwide have had with LEDs is there hit and miss reliability, not only with defective strings but also with mismatched colors. For years, Diogen has been on top of the industry by being the most consistent manufacturer. They had the most extensive quality control system in place, and though their lights were generally more expensive, they were well worth it.

 However, now with the buyout a done deal, Light Energy Designs has begun extensive research into finding a suitable replacement manufacturer. Our commitment to bringing the highest quality LED Christmas Lights has never wavered and toward this end, considerable cost has gone into testing string after string of Christmas lights.

The most interesting thing that has come out of our research is the discovery that there are some manufacturers that have decided that quality is actually more important than quantity and are currently producing higher grade LEDs. Unearthing these companies has given us considerable relief and we are certain that this coming year will be a good one, not only for Light Energy Designs, but more importantly our customers.