High Tech = Huge Savings


LED DIO800 60 watt equivalent (60,000 hrs) vs. 60 watt Incandescent (1,000 hrs.)

Our brand new state of the art long life LED light bulbs are perfect for anyone looking to save energy or the environment . They are every bit as bright as your old wasteful lights but use only one fifth of the electricity and last 60 times longer. These two factors add up over time and show there is another huge advantage… they can save you some serious money!

The average home has 30 light bulbs, replacing them with our new LED Lights will save you: $9,850.62 over their life span(60,000 hours).

Current Bulb Wattage 60
Unit Bulb Per Unit Cost $.50
Number of Bulbs in use 30
Lifetime of Bulbs (hours) 1,000
Total Number of Bulbs over lifetime of LEDs 1,800
Total Bulb Replacement Cost $900.00

Current LED Wattage Equivalent

LED Replacement – Actual Wattage 13
LED Per Unit Cost $58.99
Number of LED Bulbs in use 30
Lifetime of LED lamps (hours) 60,000
Initial Investment for New/LED Replacement $1,769.70
Total Bulb Replacement Cost Savings -$869.70
Average Hours of Daily Use (hours) 8
Utility Rate for State of California $0.1523/KW
Current electricity cost per month $65.79
Electric cost using LED per month $14.25
Energy saving per month $51.54
Total ENERGY SAVINGS 60,000 hours $10,720.32
Total Bulb Replacement Cost Savings -$869.70