Do We Need to Start Charging More?

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>> Hi Pete. I was searching the web and found the lights Model: 88671-70
>> M5 colorwave, blue to white. First I would like to verify the description
>> and that these are the fading LED’s. If this is so, why are they 60% cost
>> of
>> the nearest seller? This makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Perhaps
>> unjustly so. I  would just like to understand  any guarantee and be sure
>> what I am getting before I part with a few $100’s. I am sure you
>> understand
>> Thanks
>> Si

On Nov 22, 2010, at 7:18 PM, wrote:

> Hello Si,
> These are the colorwave lights that gradually go from blue into a pure
> white. They are very nice. We haven’t had any complaints with them in the
> three years that we carried them. We try our best to be the most
> competively priced company on the market, but it sounds like I need to
> start charging more.
> Peter Meredith
> Light Energy Designs
I received your shipment and got them up. They look great. Thanks.
Now i must be honest, i thought i smelt a rat as they were so cheap. It nearly put
me off buying them. Perhaps (and i hate to say this) you may be a little too cheap!!
Like i say, it nearly put me off. I knew what i wanted and googled extensively. Most
packets were close to $50, yours were $30. Nothing in between. I am glad i bought
them and before you put your prices up can i sneak in my next order!! LOL

Thanks again and hope your business booms.
Festive regards

Thanks again

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