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See what 30,000 LEDs look like!

Friday, 6 January, 2012
Here is what a loyal customer sent us recently:
This video was taken one hour after sunset on December 27th,2011. Most trees are filled with lights! This display had a total of 29,165 LED lights. The big white tree (36ft tall) had 14,340 lights and the rest of the display had 14,825 color lights while alot of them were changing colors in the trees! There are also 32 flashing strobe lights throughout the trees. This is such a beautiful sight watching the colors change within a minute plus seeing the twinkling strobes flashing in the trees. The white tree looks just like snow and is lighting up the yard!
All of these lights are in 100% LED which saves alot of money on the electricity!
Enjoy my video show! ūüôā

Cascading Lights Video

Monday, 18 October, 2010

This is a video of the Cascading lights in action, at the Hudson Gardens in Littleton Colorado. These LED lights are amazing and are one of the biggest draws at this huge attraction. At the Gardens, you will see thousands of examples of our LED Christmas lights in action. Just click on the link below.

Cascading Lights

A Merry Christmas On Wall Street

Thursday, 14 October, 2010

The Christmas tree on Wall Street in downtown Manhattan. This is actually a huge tree lit up with our G12 LED Christmas lights. The Wall Street Bull looks small in comparison,¬†I only come up tothe level of¬†it’s eyes.

Loveland in White and Blue

Monday, 11 October, 2010

Last year Loveland, Colorado was a big hit, sporting their C6 Pure White LED Christmas lights. They accented these with the C6 Sapphire Blue which was a great combination of lights. These two were so popular because of the Loveland display that many stores ran out nationwide! Do not worry for this year since we doubled our order.

What Are Those Lights On The Tree?

Monday, 4 October, 2010

A little while ago I published this night picture of Hudson Gardens. It was done to show how to properly place Cascade lights. However I have received many questions on what color lights were on the tree. Some people thought they were obviously blue and some thought white. These are actually our color wave lights in blue to pure white.

Fantastic Shot Of Aspen In LED String Lights

Sunday, 3 October, 2010

This is just a wonderful picture of scenic Aspen Colorado. Not only is the day time great to ski in but the night time gorgeous as they go all out decorating for the holidays. These lights shown are the C6 Multi LED string light. Thank you to Terry K for getting Aspen to invest in all of these energy efficient lights.

If You Know The Owner Of This House, Have Him Call Me ASAP!

Wednesday, 29 September, 2010

If you know the guy who owns this house have him call me. He is in great need of some C7 LED Christmas lights. I know that I may be over generalizing when I mention “guy” but I feel safe on this one. I have never seen a women decorate in quite this style. I do have to mention that he did leave a gaping hole in his lighting arrangement, that front left pole looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Cascades Done right!

Tuesday, 28 September, 2010

Here is a very nice example of the Cascade Snowfall lights. They are set at the proper heights so as to imitate falling snow to perfection. They are wonderfully offset by the C7 LED Christmas lights in blue. The combination is spectacular.

C6 LED Christmas Lights

Sunday, 26 September, 2010

The city of Broomfield Colorado does a fine job lighting their trees for Christmas. Pictured here are  C6 LED Christmas lights in multi. In the back ground you can see a number of  pretty trees dressed in warm white. These LED holiday lights are a great way to line drive ways and side walks.

Blue LED Icicle Lights really add Pizzazz

Friday, 24 September, 2010

These dazzling  blue LED icicle lights are eye catching. The blue, along with pure white is one of the most popular colors we carry in LED icicle lights. Other nice colors include the Multi and our traditional Warm White. All of our icicle lights come in strings of 70 lights each and you have the ability to connect 43 of these end to end. They are each seven and a half feet long and they  have a drop sequence of 5 lights,3 lights and then 6 lights. All these will use the led mini lights as there bulb style.