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See what 30,000 LEDs look like!

Friday, 6 January, 2012
Here is what a loyal customer sent us recently:
This video was taken one hour after sunset on December 27th,2011. Most trees are filled with lights! This display had a total of 29,165 LED lights. The big white tree (36ft tall) had 14,340 lights and the rest of the display had 14,825 color lights while alot of them were changing colors in the trees! There are also 32 flashing strobe lights throughout the trees. This is such a beautiful sight watching the colors change within a minute plus seeing the twinkling strobes flashing in the trees. The white tree looks just like snow and is lighting up the yard!
All of these lights are in 100% LED which saves alot of money on the electricity!
Enjoy my video show! 🙂