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How To Add To The Darkness Of Halloween, With Decorative Lights!

Thursday, 30 September, 2010

Halloween has always been about people dressing up in costumes. More and more people are getting into dressing up their houses. I am not just talking about a good haunted house but there are now many people who just love to get into the “spirit” by decorating. Not just the usual, spider webs and a witch or two but by going all out. LED lights are now becoming a part of this decorating craze mainly because of the “different ” look that some of these lights give. This different look usually is brought on by mixing colors. Normally people have been using orange only but lately there has been a change to purple and orange. These give an excellent and eerie feel to your home that the old incandescent lights don’t give off.

Another lighting decorative idea that is just about to take off is the mixing of orange and red LED string lights. This can give a bit of a flame appearance and or “demonic” look. My suggestion is to get these color strings and wrap them around themselves first before decorating.  Another decorative lights idea that is nice but should be used sparingly is the use of our green LED lights. You don’t want a St Patrick’s Day look, so use just enough to give off a super natural green glow.

Since our string lights are a patented one piece construction and never get hot, you can put these lights safely in to jars of slime. This lack of heat also means they can be placed where other lights cannot. A greatly reduced fire hazard means you can use your imagination to the fullest and try new ideas out.

I recommend three different styles of lights to use so that you don’t come across looking as if you borrowed from your Christmas lights. For the large orange lights definitely use our G25 orange. The G stands for globe so that these orange lights look a lot like mini pumpkins. Another festive style I suggest is the G12, these are similar to the G25 but are smaller. Finally, what is quickly becoming the most popular style are the conical lights. People love them so much because they appear to be the brightest of all LED light strings.

If You Know The Owner Of This House, Have Him Call Me ASAP!

Wednesday, 29 September, 2010

If you know the guy who owns this house have him call me. He is in great need of some C7 LED Christmas lights. I know that I may be over generalizing when I mention “guy” but I feel safe on this one. I have never seen a women decorate in quite this style. I do have to mention that he did leave a gaping hole in his lighting arrangement, that front left pole looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Cascades Done right!

Tuesday, 28 September, 2010

Here is a very nice example of the Cascade Snowfall lights. They are set at the proper heights so as to imitate falling snow to perfection. They are wonderfully offset by the C7 LED Christmas lights in blue. The combination is spectacular.

C6 LED Christmas Lights

Sunday, 26 September, 2010

The city of Broomfield Colorado does a fine job lighting their trees for Christmas. Pictured here are  C6 LED Christmas lights in multi. In the back ground you can see a number of  pretty trees dressed in warm white. These LED holiday lights are a great way to line drive ways and side walks.

Oh Clark, Why Hath Thou Forsaken Me?

Saturday, 25 September, 2010

Clark W Griswold, once a hero of many has fallen in my eyes. I know you may be thinking it is due to that terrible European Vacation movie. Yes that was a sad and painful waste of twenty dollars. However I am talking about the blatant disregard for my intelligence in Christmas Vacation. Not the whole movie, there were parts that had Oscar written all over it. Who could forget the scene where Clark opens what is thought to be his Christmas bonus… wait I have to stop I am tearing up.

No, what I am talking about is the poor attempt at using special effects in some of the movie’s best scenes. I am sure the men out there are nodding their heads in agreement. For the women, let me tell you it was not the scene with the supersonic  greased sled, really how else do you think we got to the moon. Nor was it the scene with the killer squirrel. I know that this is an actual occurrence, having been attacked by one, going by the name Mr. Pickles. Of course the wife tells me it was a neighbors Yorkshire Terrier, but all I saw were fangs and rabid bloodshot eyes.

I am talking about Clark’s house, perfectly lit with festive Christmas lights. In case you don’t know, it was a fake, probably CGI(computers have no part to play in the movies unless they are trying to exterminate mankind, then I am all for them).

It' A Fake!

 Let us start with the lights. Does anyone believe for a second that he puts up all of those Christmas lights and they all work… the first time. Right, like that has ever happened in the history of mankind. There are Hieroglyphics’ of Pharaoh kicking Moses for not getting his Christmas lights up right. How many times did they have to shoot that scene 20, 30, I am thinking more CGI. And did the fuse blow with all those lights plugged into one outlet. Not even the fancy LED String lights could do that, more fakery.

How about how Clark, by himself(thanks for all the help kids!)is able to put up 10,000 string lights on his house, with relatives in town, the week before Christmas. This just strains credulity, especially when you note the sub freezing temperatures combined with the use of an aluminum ladder. Hello, come back to reality even my local fire department knows for a fact that people(not just me), can get frozen to an aluminum ladder in freezing temperatures if they happen to spill their beer on themselves while putting up lights.

The temperature brings me to Clark’s Mr. Roger’s cardigan he sometimes wore while putting up his lights. The first three times I watched the movie I was fooled into thinking that Chevy Chase had a high tolerance for the cold. Then I realized that movies are made in Hollywood where it never gets below 80 degrees. When I put up lights, I look like Nanook of the North and not just because of the harpoon I carry, which is almost strictly for self defence only(I know where you live Mr. Pickles). I look like that because of the layers of coats I put on over the layers of jackets and perhaps, maybe, it is the Vaseline I have my wife smear on my naked body first.

It is the temperature on this beautiful, warm, September, Colorado day that prompted me to write this. I was thinking, “I should put up my Christmas lights today so that I don’t have to freeze my butt off in December”. I then realized that sounded a lot like work. However I could write about putting up lights. I could write all about this being the perfect time of year to get those lights up. That winter is coming and to get ahead of the game. That sounded boring so I wrote about Christmas Vacation instead.

Blue LED Icicle Lights really add Pizzazz

Friday, 24 September, 2010

These dazzling  blue LED icicle lights are eye catching. The blue, along with pure white is one of the most popular colors we carry in LED icicle lights. Other nice colors include the Multi and our traditional Warm White. All of our icicle lights come in strings of 70 lights each and you have the ability to connect 43 of these end to end. They are each seven and a half feet long and they  have a drop sequence of 5 lights,3 lights and then 6 lights. All these will use the led mini lights as there bulb style.

Denver County Building All Lit Up

Thursday, 23 September, 2010

Beautiful lights surrounding the Denver County building. I wish that these were all LEDs from Light Energy Designs but alas many of these are incandescent lights. Most of the lights are actually what is called up lighting which could have been done in LEDs. The energy efficient lighting pictured here are pure white LED rope lights that are outlining this gorgeous edifice.

Dowtown Denver in Warm White

Wednesday, 22 September, 2010

This is a very nice picture of the 16th street mall in downtown Denver. These are an example of our G12 LED string lights seen just before sunset. This was one of the earliest projects done completely in LEDs and incorporates hundreds of thousands of  warm white lights. You can purchase these very same lights at Light Energy Designs.

You can now also see our blog at Technorati

Tuesday, 21 September, 2010

Our Light Energy Designs blog can now also be read at This is a tech article/blog site that will allow us to be seen by thousands more readers. Their web site is . Now for marker information: 5MU3NR9HZ7HY Also at DIGG: <!–3dff5702be8d4a96b75b2193820decea–>

Our Beautiful LED Cascade Snowfall Lights

Monday, 20 September, 2010


This picture shows one way to hang our snowfall cascade lights. The perfect way would be to mix different lengths and hang them on at varying heights to give the mesmerizing illusion of falling snow.