Light Energy Designs is Back!

Tuesday, 20 August, 2013

I know you’ve missed Light Energy Designs, but don’t you worry, we’re back!

After a brief hiatus, caused by over-work and under-pay, I’ve decided to take up the pen once again and blog about the wonders of LED lights. You may now resume breathing.

Energy efficient, beautiful, high-tech, and very long lasting–you’ll love our lights!

See what 30,000 LEDs look like!

Friday, 6 January, 2012
Here is what a loyal customer sent us recently:
This video was taken one hour after sunset on December 27th,2011. Most trees are filled with lights! This display had a total of 29,165 LED lights. The big white tree (36ft tall) had 14,340 lights and the rest of the display had 14,825 color lights while alot of them were changing colors in the trees! There are also 32 flashing strobe lights throughout the trees. This is such a beautiful sight watching the colors change within a minute plus seeing the twinkling strobes flashing in the trees. The white tree looks just like snow and is lighting up the yard!
All of these lights are in 100% LED which saves alot of money on the electricity!
Enjoy my video show! ūüôā

Rope Lighting Great in the Summer

Friday, 15 July, 2011

Rope lights have long been delegated as cheesy, standard Christmas tree lighting for the holidays, but they are now making a big comeback. LED rope lights have brought creative and multipurpose accents in decorative lighting for the home and the holidays, but also illuminating the warm nights of Summer. It would, like all decorating ideas, require time, tools and quite a few stops to a community hardware depot. Installing LED lighting will definitely yield hours of enjoyment as a weekend venture and artistic release.

You will need certain lengths of LED rope lights and an installation kit. Fortunately our LED rope lighting installation kit already comes with hooks, clips, screws, power cord connectors, splice fittings and that will help you set up the LED rope light according to your design. You have to plan the layout of your LED lighting before you install it. Here are some tips for decorative lighting. The following lists highly original LED rope lighting decorative ideas:

Inside illumination. LED lights work great for indoor home lighting. You could use LED rope lights to light up certain room fixtures like the bedposts, cabinets or existing molding. You can also use different color LED rope lights to accent the room paints to make it more decorative.

Outside radiance. You could line LED rope lights on the usual yard stuff like garden swings, outdoor terrace, gazebos, or even along pathways. That will definitely create a homey, comfy mood. Alternatively, you could twirl LED rope lights on tree trunks and have their edges dangling for a fancy effect in the otherwise dull garden.

Safety fortification. You could add LED rope lights to flight of stairs and hallway floors for added light especially at night. Bathrooms at night could be lined with LED rope lighting to provide security from possible accidents.

Feature presentations. Depending on the current holiday, you can twist; bend or tie LED rope lights into knots to illustrate flag colors, Jack O’Lanterns, Santa on a sleigh, etc. to get into the mood of the season¬†

This glowing light creation is available in many colors of the rainbow – red, orange, bright yellow, green, blue and purple. These are great for holiday seasons.

No matter what kind of LED rope light you intend to use for home lighting, you have to keep them away from water and turn them off during the daytime, lest you burn them out, although LED rope lights are guaranteed to last for years. They remain cool while taking in a small amount of electricity, making it the most flexible item for spicing up the vicinity with lights.

Too Many LEDs A Bad Thing?

Wednesday, 13 July, 2011

The LED research division of TrendForce, has indicated that there will be no obvious increase in LED production in 2011. Although this is traditionally the peak season for the LED industry, there has been strong doubt about oversupply spreading on weak market demand. LEDinside estimates that LED chip supply volume in 2011 will be about 100 billion units and demand volume is around 89 billion units; an oversupply ratio reaches 12%. In addition, after LED chip makers’ capacity expansion comes online in 2012, supply will increase rapidly. It is estimated that oversupply ratio will then rise to 21%.

For the consumer this should be a good thing with LED prices falling in accordance with the nature of supply and demand cycles. However, with the main force behind purchases being cash-strapped governments, both local and federal, many LED companies, especially the supply and distributors will feel the pain of the weak economy and may not be able to recover. Many of these companies are sitting on large inventories of LEDs that will soon be valued far less than what they were paid for. The inevitable will be large dumps of  LEDs on the market, further reducing prices. Again, great for the consumer, but only for the short term.

The long term outlook doesn’t look so rosy. ¬†These mid-sized companies play an important role in forcing manufacturers to retain quality control procedures that they would otherwise not bother with. They also protect consumers by weeding out poorly made LEDs. Without them LED lights would not have come this far and won’t be able to go much further.

Cherry Blossom String Are A Hit!

Friday, 29 April, 2011

It is time to break from tradition when it comes to LED Lights! Every year we see the same thing with how LEDs are used and when it comes to decorative lighting, it’s always Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Now, I am all for LED lights being used in such a manner, but the clamor for something new has been growing everyday.

Thankfully, Light Energy Designs has come through with a good number of exciting new energy efficient products and some of the most interesting lights are available for summer! Customer research has brought about a new line of LED Lights that was considered an overall hands down favorite, LED Cherry Blossom Lights.

These have been in demand ever since we first brought in the beautiful LED Cherry Blossom Trees. The Cherry trees were an instant hit when they were first brought to market. Standing just over two feet tall, these indoor/outdoor prelit trees, sport 168 individual LEDs, nestled into their own cherry blossom flower.

The look it gives your home is simply glorious. It is so eye catching that customers should expect for cars to slow down as they pass the front of their home and for their neighbors to gawk. The glow from so many beautiful LEDs lends a wonderful ambiance to your home in a way that is unique.

Now with an opportunity to decorate with the strings alone, customers have the chance to add their own personal flare. The Cherry Blossom String Lights are sixteen and a half feet long and the spacing on these is eight inches. Each string has twenty-five energy efficient LED Lights and use so little electricity that 90 of these strings can be strung end to end UL approved.

Currently the colors available in the Cherry Blossom strings are Multi, Pink, Red and Warm White. The Multi also comes with a controller (at no extra charge) that lets the lights go through different fazes and colors.

Light Energy Designs Bringing Quality LED Lights

Friday, 29 April, 2011

An interesting development has occurred in the LED Holiday lighting business. Long time giant in the industry, Diogen Lighting, after a difficult couple of years, has been bought out by an old rival, Neo- Neon.

This occurrence has sent a ripple of anxiety throughout Diogen’s large base of distributors. The main reason for this is that the quality of LED Christmas Lights produced by Neo-Neon has traditionally not been up to industry standards. Certainly not, up to the standards of many of us who make their living in the world of LED Lights.

One of the largest issues that customers worldwide have had with LEDs is there hit and miss reliability, not only with defective strings but also with mismatched colors. For years, Diogen has been on top of the industry by being the most consistent manufacturer. They had the most extensive quality control system in place, and though their lights were generally more expensive, they were well worth it.

 However, now with the buyout a done deal, Light Energy Designs has begun extensive research into finding a suitable replacement manufacturer. Our commitment to bringing the highest quality LED Christmas Lights has never wavered and toward this end, considerable cost has gone into testing string after string of Christmas lights.

The most interesting thing that has come out of our research is the discovery that there are some manufacturers that have decided that quality is actually more important than quantity and are currently producing higher grade LEDs. Unearthing these companies has given us considerable relief and we are certain that this coming year will be a good one, not only for Light Energy Designs, but more importantly our customers.

Do We Need to Start Charging More?

Tuesday, 7 December, 2010

>> From:        simon ******

>> Hi Pete. I was searching the web and found the lights Model: 88671-70
>> M5 colorwave, blue to white. First I would like to verify the description
>> and that these are the fading LED’s. If this is so, why are they 60% cost
>> of
>> the nearest seller? This makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Perhaps
>> unjustly so. I  would just like to understand  any guarantee and be sure
>> what I am getting before I part with a few $100’s. I am sure you
>> understand
>> Thanks
>> Si

On Nov 22, 2010, at 7:18 PM, wrote:

> Hello Si,
> These are the colorwave lights that gradually go from blue into a pure
> white. They are very nice. We haven’t had any complaints with them in the
> three years that we carried them. We try our best to be the most
> competively priced company on the market, but it sounds like I need to
> start charging more.
> Peter Meredith
> Light Energy Designs
I received your shipment and got them up. They look great. Thanks.
Now i must be honest, i thought i smelt a rat as they were so cheap. It nearly put
me off buying them. Perhaps (and i hate to say this) you may be a little too cheap!!
Like i say, it nearly put me off. I knew what i wanted and googled extensively. Most
packets were close to $50, yours were $30. Nothing in between. I am glad i bought
them and before you put your prices up can i sneak in my next order!! LOL

Thanks again and hope your business booms.
Festive regards

Thanks again

Sent from Si-Pad

Together We Can Make A Difference!

Wednesday, 1 December, 2010
We are proud to announce that fellow Vietnamese adoptee Stacy Thuy Meredith & successful business owner of LED (Light Energy Designs) is supporting the Vietnam Volunteer Network.
Light Energy Designs will with your help; donate a minimum of 27% of the proceeds to the VVN to enable us to continue our work that we do with the extremely needy orphaned children of Vietnam.

To help us help those children in need, please visit their website ( & purchase any of the four models (shown in the promotional advertisement) making sure you quote ‚ÄėVVN‚Äô.

To help us help those children in need, please visit their website ( & purchase any of the four models (shown in the promotional advertisement) making sure you quote ‚ÄėVVN‚Äô!

1.) Item #20621-70 (C6 Multi with Pure White, 70 Lights, Green Wire, 23 feet in length). Current price is $11.99 U.S Dollars. LED will donate $4.00 for every string sold

2.) Item #20677-70 (C6 Multi with Warm White, 70 Lights, Green Wire, 23 feet in length). Current price is $11.99 U.S Dollars. LED will donate $4.00 for every string sold

3.) Item #20417-35 (C6 Multi, 35 Lights, Green Wire, 11.5 feet in length). Current price is $9.99 U.S Dollars. LED will donate $3.00 for every string sold.

4.) Item #20693-70 70 (C6 Warm White, 70 Lights, Green Wire, 23 feet in length). Current price is $17.9 9 U.S Dollars. LED will donate $5.00 for every string sold

Offer Closes 31 December 2010. Please ensure you quote ‘VVN’, otherwise LED will not be able to track & donate proceeds to VVN.

Thank you Stacy & Light Energy Designs for your kind offer to help these children & Nic for the wonderful advertisement!

Together We Can Make A Difference!

Love & light,

Kim Nguyen Browne
Vietnam Volunteer Network

The Cascades are a Hit!

Tuesday, 30 November, 2010
Thanks very much and thank you for your call earlier today. ¬†I can’t tell you the last time I had a vendor act in such a conscientious manner. ¬†I greatly appreciate it and we look forward to receiving the items and getting them up. ¬†After seeing the cascading lights throughout Paris last Christmas, we were very pleased to find them available in the States and will let you know the reaction we get in our little corner of Alexandria, VA.
Very respectfully,

SALE! 20% Off! Sale!

Monday, 29 November, 2010

20% off of both the Red and the Green G12 standard Grade LED lights. These are great decorative and Holiday lights and are fast becoming some of the most popular lights available. These lights are 23 feet long and have 70 brilliant LEDs per string. You will want to hurry the sale only runs through December 18th.