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1. What does LED stand for:
Light Emitting Diode

2. How do they work:
An LED is simply a chip that contains a special semi-conductive material that emits light when electricity passes through it. There are no burning filaments which means there is no heat and a lot less electricity use.

3. What are the bulbs/lenses made of:
A very durable plastic that is very difficult to break.

4. How long are the lights warranty:
2 full (365 days) years for the LED strings. Many manufacturers only offer seasonal warranties.

5. What does the warranty cover:
Only manufacturer defects in product. This doesn’t cover breaking from miss-handling, stepping on or cutting.

6. Do all the LED lights use the patent coaxial connecter (Adapter/Transformer):
Only the Commercial grade strands of lights. The standard grade lights use a normal two prong plug.

7. What are Retro Fit Bulbs:
Individual LED bulbs that can replace the incandescent bulbs in strands.(Currently in C7 and C9)

8. Do you ship to Canada:
Infrequently and not on line. Please call.

9. Do the Retro Fit Bulbs look the same mixed with the Incandescent:
No, I wouldn't recommend mixing them in the same strand.

10. Is it cost effect to replace all my old incandescent bulbs with Retro Fit Bulbs:
NO. The over-all cost to replace all the incandescent bulbs with the Retro Fit would be more expensive than to purchase an entire new strand of LEDs.

11. Why would I use them:
These are generally used for signs, sculptures art work, etc. It gives the ability to purchase a low energy product, in more specific numbers and colors.

12. If one light goes out on a strand, do the rest go out:
NO. The rest stay lit unless the string has been cut.

13. What is the difference between Retail and Commercial Grade String Lights:

22 gauge wire, regular double outlet prongs, UL approved to connect up to 87
strands per outlet and connection is not weather proof.

Commercial: 20 gauge wire (thicker), special connection from strand to strand that is also weather proof(cannot connect with Retail product or regular extension cords), UL approved to connect up to 125 strands per outlet.

14. Do I need special connectors?
Only for the commercial strings. Always remember to add at least 1 adapter and enough spacers (extension cords) to complete the job. There are also helpful items such as T taps and 8 way connectors. You will need only one adaptor per 125 strings as long as they are going to be all connected end to end. If there will be a break, such as between two distant trees, you will need two adaptors or use our longer spacers to connect the strings.

15. What is the wattage of your LED light strings?
The 35 Light strings use 2.4 watts per string - the 70 count light strings use 4.8 watts per string.

16.Can I connect Dimmers, Controller etc to my lights?
By all means, have fun! Most dimmers & flashers work fine and the controllers are as great as your imagination! Music, dancing, flashing!

17.I received my lights and there is a warning that my lights may have lead in them. Do I need to be concerned?
The warning labels are the result of lead being added to a list of toxic materials that require disclosure pursuant to California’s Proposition 65. This law requires all products sold in the State of California that contains any amount of a listed toxic material to contain a warning label. The lead in most light strings is an additive to the PVC wire covering. It acts as a heat resistant insulator and helps to stabilize the color of the wire. All PVC including, household drinking water, irrigation systems, appliances, extension cords (or any other wired product) contains some sort of metal stabilizer including lead, cadmium or tin. These products do not pose a danger with normal use. You do not need to be concerned as the U.S. government has determined that they are safe when properly used. In the end follow some simple rules: Do not allow children to handle the strings and wash your hands after handling the product.