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LED Mini Lights

There has been a great demand for our led mini lights ever since the green revolution came about. People have been clamoring for led mini Christmas lights that are just as bright and beautiful as the old incandescent but they want them to be energy efficient lights as well. If you are one of these people look no further, Light Energy Designs presents an entire line of mini led lights in almost every color of the spectrum. We can boast of these great color ranges in our led mini string lights for two reasons. First, we carry every color currently being sold on the market and in fact some that are not, have you heard of led mini lights in fuchsia or the wild "pinkle"? Second we carry the patented Colorwave lights. The Colorwave lights come in both C6 and mini led lights. As an example, the blue to pure green colorwave will gradually change from our sapphire blue through the spectrum to our gorgeous emerald green. Other colors of our led mini lights that are highly in demand are the warm white, pure white and purple which is making a big comeback.
Led mini Christmas lights are indeed a staple of our society but we offer a lot more than that. Many creative people like to use our battery operated led mini lights in crafts and artistic pieces. One of the simplest ways people use our mini led lights is by lighting up potpourri in glass jars or bowls. They are very easy to use in this case and add a nice touch of elegance.
Elegance and ease of use are two great reason to purchase our led mini string lights but another is that they are extremely energy efficient. It is easy to see the energy savings in battery operated led mini lights but it may not be that obvious with our other led mini lights. You may rest assured however since our led lights are up to 98% more efficient than the old incandescent lighting.