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LED Icicle Lights

Led icicle lights have become a fixture in modern American holiday decorating. It is usually seen adorning eaves of houses and balconies. Many people use led icicle Christmas lights to replicate the following snow as well as icicles themselves. The conventional wisdom suggests that only led icicle lights white would be available, however Light Energy Designs offers led icicle lights in a nice variety of colors. Red or green or multi are interesting and fun colors to use as led icicle Christmas lights. These are pretty and traditional colors to use. The pure white icicle led lights can be very dramatic as well as eye catching. Those mentioned are surely fun and amusing but the two types of led icicle lights that are a must have are the warm white and the sapphire blue leds. The warm white icicle led lights are especially beautiful during and after a snowfall. They conjure up a great feeling of warmth and hominess because of the contrast between the stark white of the snow and warm inviting color of the led icicle lights. There are few things more enjoyable than coming home to this beautiful display.
Fully as spectacular in its own way are the sapphire blue led icicle lights. Against a back ground of pure white snow the blue led icicle lights sparkle with brilliance. Cars will come to a full stop and people will get out to get a better look at your led icicle Christmas lights display. These are by far the most talked about color of our led icicle lights. Now some of you may be a native of Arizona or Florida and you may not be getting that much snow this winter. You can still capture this incredible look by purchasing the combination of led icicles lights white and blue. All of our icicle lights come in strings of 70 lights each and you have the ability to connect 43 of these led string lights together. They are seven and a half feet long and these led Christmas lights have a drop sequence of 5,3,6. All these will use the led mini lights as there bulb style.