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The style of led xmas lights we offer are the C6 strawberry, C7 led light, C9, G12 raspberry, G25 led party lights, the 5mm conical and M5 led mini lights. Light Energy Designs stocks both a standard and commercial grade of led xmas lights. When considering a set of led xmas tree lights you must take a number of factors in to consideration. There is a quality difference and thus a price difference between the standard and commercial grades, however both are designed as indoor and outdoor led xmas lights.
Commercial led holiday lights should be used mainly with two questions in mind. First, are these led xmas tree lights going to be used to decorate outdoors in extreme weather conditions? Outdoor led xmas lights need to be quite a bit tougher than the standard grade. Second, is this going to be a large enough project that it will require maintenance workers or hired help to put up and take down? A led xmas light is an investment. With proper care a string of blue led xmas lights for example should last easily 10-12 years. When a customer handles his led holiday lights, he does so with care, however sometimes hired help will not treat that same string of blue led xmas lights with the same kindness, thus the need for the heavier wiring and coaxial connectors of our commercial grade led xmas lights.
An individual home owner who, let's say is looking for 10 strings of our white led xmas lights would be perfectly alright getting our standard grade led xmas lights. These use 22 gauge wire, a normal two pronged plug and our patented one piece construction. The construction of this type of led xmas light is hardy enough to withstand most normal weather events. You may want to consider taking down any of our led xmas lights if you are expecting hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, terrorist and/or alien attacks.