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LED Holiday Lights

Energy efficiency is another great feature of our led holiday lights. No other company that sells led holiday lighting can beat our ability to string together 88 continuous strings. What is even more exciting is that when all of them are plugged in, all 88 will use less than 2 amps. This is such a great feature for people who are use to blowing fuses after 8 strings of the old incandescent bulbs. Although it is not UL approved (or recommended)you could connect over 600 strings of our led holiday lights before blowing a fuse. That would add up to be an incredible one and half miles of led holiday lighting. As a led holiday light company Light Energy Designs is working hard to help protect our environment. When searching for a led holiday lights sale please keep in mind that not every company is selling products that are environmentally safe. You cannot find better constructed led holiday lights on the market. Sustainability is a key to the well being of the environment. Though it may not seem important to the environment how long you keep a led holiday light set, it can be in the long run. It should also be important to you as a consumer, there should be no reason you have to search for a led holiday light sale every 2-3 years when our lights will average 12 years and with proper care our led holiday lights can last over twenty years. Perhaps the greatest attribute of our led holiday light strings is the absolutely tiny amount of electricity they use. As an example, our led mini lights use 90 percent less electricity than an incandescent, our C7 led Christmas lights use 98 percent less but nothing beats our solar led holiday lights. The complete lack of electricity use in our solar led holiday lights is the obvious goal. Many people see the high cost of electricity as an impediment to putting up as much led holiday lighting as they really wish to. With our led holiday lights you will see your electricity bill being a fraction of what you were used to. Combining our wonderful energy efficiency with incredible sustainability and beautiful colors Light Energy Designs is the obvious choice when looking for a led holiday light sale.