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Par Lights

Light Energy Designs has begun offering different energy efficient lighting solutions, the first being replacing incandescent par lights. We have chosen to replace the old par lighting, not with CFLs but with a technology that can only be described as futuristic. LED lighting is the most obvious choice since it has the greatest upside potential by replacing the par light with our led spot light. LED par lights use a fraction of the energy of the older incandescent lights. This can be done since there is no actual burning of filaments going on in led par can lighting. The electricity passes through a light emitting diode within the par lights. As the electricity hits the chip, light is produced. That is it. That is the secret behind the huge energy savings with our par lighting. In normal par lighting a filament is heated until it turns hot enough to give off light. You have to waste a lot of energy just to heat it up and keep it heated. There is however incidental heating of the par lights in the chip itself. This is not a serious drain of electricity and they are still energy efficient lighting but it does have repercussions especially in par can lighting. The LED chip in this type of led spot light is very sensitive to overheating and is subject to a high failure rate in low quality par lighting. A led spot light needs to be able to diffuse the heat caused by the electricity passing through it. This can be done in a number of ways. The most common method used by companies that sell a low quality par light is to use only what is called a heat sink. Heat sinks function in par lighting by transferring thermal energy (heat) from the chip to a group of metal "fins" on the outside of the par can lighting. These fins dissipate much of the heat. There are two issues with these energy efficient lights, first the fins in this sort of led spot light are very large. So large, that these par lights can't fit into very many of the cans they were meant for. Second is that heat sinks trapped within a can tend to build up heat anyway especially if left on for a number of hours.
Light Energy Designs offers wonderful par lighting that addresses this situation. Built into each of our par lights is a very small fan that does the work of removing the excess heat while still reducing energy costs. The same fan in our led lights can be found in IBM laptop computers.