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Why choose to purchase the gu10 led? Think saving money and you will have your answer. Light Energy Designs ' gu10 led bulbs are designed as a direct replacement for the standard halogen. If you have our gu10 led lamps already in your home you are no doubt impressed with the many great features they have. Perhaps the most readily apparent of these is the amazing 50,000 hour life span of the gu10 led bulb. Your usual halogen will only last 2,000 hours. Our gu10 led light bulbs last an astounding twenty five times as long! When you couple that very long life span with the incredibly low starting price point you will see how this investment is a titanic money saver.
The long life of the gu10 led is a great thing for sure, but when you consider the miniscule amount of electricity it consumes that is when you become aware of how much money these gu10 led bulbs will save you in the long run. A typical bulb of this nature can consume upwards of 50 watts of electricity. Our gu10led lamps will run on a scant three watts of power. Even with such little power consumption the gu10 led bulb produces a piercingly bright 120 lumens of light.
We offer the gu10 led light bulbs in two distinct color temperatures. The cool white colors range on the Kelvin scale between 5,000-6,000 and is perfect for highlighting the different colors in art work or home decorations. The warm white gu10 led has wide spread appeal because it has an accustomed traditional feel. It has a warmth and glow that brings out the family feeling of your home. These gu10 led bulbs range in color from 3,000-4,000 as a comparison.
The uses of our gu10 led lamps have great variance. Conventional uses in homes or businesses are in track lighting, spot lighting and accentuating art or structural features. Durability, low price point and great energy efficiency make our gu10 led lamps the best choice for you.